FAQ Magic ViewFinder App — Android

Q: I have an Ultra Wide camera in my smartphone but the app still uses just Wide Camera. How can I go Ultra Wide?

The app is capable of manual selection of the numerous cameras onboard.
If you haven’t already you can make the selection button visible by going to:

Menu > Settings    — and enable “Icon to switch front and back cameras”

You will have an icon (camera-like) on the screen. Press the icon to switch cameras. Please note that you may need to calibrate (Calibrate menu option) the wide camera, if you notice some error in the field view.


Q: I have only a couple of primes that I use. How can I setup the app for this?

You edit the Rotation Wheel to contain only the primes you have (by pressing + or – within the yellow pointer-triangle).

If you have different sets of primes you can easily switch between the Packages by a long-press on the menu icon (but be sure you have enabled the Packages feature in the Settings menu).