Update 2.0.5 is released: new design and new features

I released new upgrade several days ago. It’s a new day, it’s a new design!

New 2.0 design
New 2.0 design

New features of the app:

– new Material-like design

– absolutely new wheel of focal lengths, with sticky most common values

– mostly clean preview picture, a lot of tech info has gone to the new upper info panel

– the booster/converter button has disappeared, you can apply / dis-attach the optical adapter in the main menu

– all menu has gone under the app icon in the upper right corner

– there is an option now to completely turn off the frame guides.

If you have any suggestions for the app, please feel to contact me at:
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Update 1.8.4 is rolling out: Canon and Nikon

In this update users will jave:

– indication of android device/camera orientation: skew and pitch – green digits in the upper left corner

Camera orientation indicators (upper left corner)
Camera orientation indicators (upper left corner)

– indication of current lens data (focal length and booster / converter) in the center of the screen while scrolling the wheel.

This update will spill over other versions in the nearest days.